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Warmup ‘sketches’ that got a bit away from me. #29 and #79 respectively from this palette. Had my sister come up with a random number for Sherlock, found a palette for John myself.

Honestly, the urge to draw these two came from following the news about Dashcon this weekend and stumbling upon a pair of brilliant Sherlock and John cosplayers, NGL. Haven’t had a lick of inspiration for anything Sherlock related, but boom there we go. Both drawn from memory, apologies for any mistakes. Ca 45min each.

Continuing with requests now!

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Poor thing finally comes out of his shell just to be rejected.

This gutted me.

I really enjoyed his interactions with Janine because he was obviously entertained by her and I think it was beyond him fulfilling his duty of being the Best Man. He wanted JOhn & Mary to have their time together… Molly had her boyfriend, and Lestrade was busy… so he reached out to the only other person at the wedding he felt comofortablish chatting to… but he did the job too well and found her what she wanted for the evening.

I just really wanted to hug him throughout this whole episode. He tried so very hard.

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greg teasing sherlock and john

greg slipping innuendo into conversations and making them blush

greg asking awkward questions like ‘when are you two getting married?’ to see them sweat

greg holding an epic joint bachelors party for both of them

greg clapping louder than anyone at the wedding while trying to hide his red eyes and wet cheeks

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it’s fantastic how during Sherlock’s speech everyone is tearing up and Gavin is just there looking at him like



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"Sherlock Pet-Shaming"

Or: my lack of photoshop skills did not prevent me from doing this



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When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


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